Short description:

An energy trading company implements a new billing variant for a large customer, in which individual plants are not billed individually but in bundles. This billing method was originally implemented with monthly billing and is now being converted to annual billing with monthly deductions. Accordingly, the structures implemented specifically for this purpose must be adapted and, in particular, the presentation of a monthly budget billing bundled for all installations must be made possible.


The master data system is an internal .NET solution with MS SQL Server connection and a BizTalk communication interface to the ERP systems, in which all booking processes take place. In particular, the internal contract and billing structures are affected by the changeover. The billing variant differs from all previous processes and must therefore be implemented as a special case in the master data system and differentiated from other processes.

Technical description:

The newly introduced billing variant is a key reason why the customer was won. Due to the large volume of systems that now fall into the portfolio of metering point operation, the additional effort for the adjustments is also justified. Furthermore, this additional billing variant can also be used for future customers.