Short description:

Further development of a local CRM data mart for sales and service in addition to a global BI solution. Here, country-specific data and structures from various source systems (, SAP BW, local data sources...) are made available for reporting not provided by the global solution. This happens in a relational ETL process.


Data from various source systems such as, SAP BW, global data marts and also locally maintained data sources are loaded into a local data mart. The transfer of the data is configured with a customer-specific tool. This data is then prepared in SQL procedures and made available to the user in views. Versioning is performed using Microsoft Azure DevOps. Tasks are performing locally requested customizations and enhancements (e.g., creating new procedures) as well as creating and customizing interfaces. Documentation and handover of developments to support is also included.

Technical description:

The Data Mart represents a local solution for sales and service. The solution enables reporting, which can be performed by the user via Tableau.