Short description:

The purchasing department of a food trading company is supported in the further development, troubleshooting and evaluation of tools for creating and managing contracts for branded food items. PTA is responsible for the analysis, programming and developer testing. Furthermore, ad-hoc database queries are created for the specialist department and problems with the tools are solved promptly via a ticket system. The tools are Excel templates in which the contract data is entered manually or transferred from old contracts. The data is checked and supplemented. Finally, the finished contracts are created as a PDF file from this Excel file with the help of text modules. Core data from the created contracts is imported into an Access database and used for evaluation.


The project is implemented using two MS Excel file templates and VBA macros contained therein. Furthermore, there is a connection to MS Outlook in order to send mails to suppliers from the Excel file. In addition, there is an Access application that is used to evaluate the contract data and into which the data of the created contracts are transferred via an interface file. PTA analyses new requests from the department and problems that have been reported via a ticket system. These requirements are implemented with the help of VBA programming or new cell links and Excel functions. The files are then delivered to the department for testing or productive use. PTA also provides support in creating complex queries from the database.

Technical description:

The product is used to create contracts with suppliers of branded food articles. The contract data is entered into an Excel template manually or by transfer from an old contract. The data is checked and supplemented. For this purpose, export files are also created, which are supplemented and checked by the suppliers and then read back into the Excel tool and reconciled by the specialist department. Finally, the contracts are created as PDF files with the supplemented and checked data and with the help of text modules stored in the tool. In addition, the finalised contract data is exported for other systems.