Short description:

The online platform is intended to enable users to quickly and easily get a complete overview of all the pillars of their old-age provision in order to uncover possible gaps and identify the need for action.


The online platform enables the entry and display of pension insurance contracts (statutory, business and private pension schemes) as well as other retirement income such as real estate and assets. Based on this data and on the basis of individual information on the planned pension situation (retirement age, required income, expected inflation), it is calculated how close the user is to his desired pension, how high his pension gap is and whether there is any need for action. In the medium term, the user should be presented with suitable offers on the subject of closing gaps.

Technical description:

For the runtime environment Spring Boot is used on the backend. The Angular frontend uses NgRx for state management and communicates with the backend via REST services. The application is operated in a Cloudfoundry platform (PaaS).