The software is a further development of a web-based solution that is used to check gas transport settlement. The solution is used to import files from various sources and formats and stored them relationally. The focus of the further development is on generic importing and saving of files from various sources and formats.


Reconciliation of the data from imported files is intended to enable detection of errors in gas transport billing. Unlike in the current solution, it will be possible to process these files generically. This means that the file type setup and the source code processing are sufficiently universal that it will be possible to implement other file types in the future without having to make programming enhancements. In the conceptual phase, a decision was reached with the customer to migrate the existing solution to an up-to-date technology in order to expand the new requirements.


The original solution was developed for the customer in 2011 and was expanded up until 2013. Due to new regulatory specifications, there are new requirements that cannot be covered by the existing solution. PTA's tasks include creating a design concept, developing the application and providing support for commissioning.