Short description:

Further development of the system integration of a meter data management (MDM) system from Görlitz (IDSpecto) to map the business processes required for metering point operation for the specialist department of an energy trader (in 2018).


IDSpecto is a standard software for integrated meter reading data acquisition and evaluation with high process automation. The basic business processes (remote meter reading, plausibility check, automated transfer in standard data exchange formats) are mapped and device management is enabled. IDSpecto has a modular structure. The core module IDSpecto. engine is used for the DB administration of master and transaction data. IDSpecto is based on an MS. NET server platform with an Oracle or MS SQL Server DB (in the MS SQL Server DB project). In order to optimize the integration of the MDM system into the customer's system landscape, the implemented interfaces and master data management applications are subject to continuous further development. In 2018, the conception phase for the implementation of the law on the digitization of the energy revolution (BMWi) and the concrete implementation of the so-called interim model (introduction of market and measurement locations) should be emphasized.

Technical description:

The standardisation of business processes and contracts according to the specifications of the German Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) is intended to enable the market participants involved to cooperate quickly and efficiently in the operation of metering points and in the processing of the relevant measurement information. The decision has been effective for the market participants since October 1, 2011. The customer initially took over the metering point operation for his consumers already supplied with energy (electricity / DE) and now also carries out metering services without energy supply. The customer assumes both MSB and MDL roles in the energy market and the associated market communication. The law on the digitisation of the energy transition of August 29, 2016 has a major influence on this business field.