Short description:

Creating a functional and data processing concept, a prototype, and a web-based intranet application for creating, executing and finding orders in a chemical laboratory. The aim is to standardize and streamline processing at the laboratory, which is distributed around the world.


The content of the orders, the testing itself using test methods, and the results and evaluations of the tests are standardized and saved in English. Status rules and authorizations control the document's workflow. After the order is completed, the document is published.

Technical description:

The department has 18 laboratories distributed across various continents. Some of the laboratories can work on the same tasks (investigating products that have been subjected to performance chemicals from the company itself or from competitors), but the various laboratories use, in part, very different procedures (with/without data processing support, individual solutions, different analytical equipment, etc.). An investigation can take days or years (e.g. weathering). In the future, the objective is to avoid working on the same orders multiple times, and employees should be able to access existing information from the department, in accordance with their role.