Short description:

At a hackathon, software engineers develop together and push their limits. Here, a 48-hour hackathon is held at a customer's site, where developers show what they can do in the field of digital health. The two best ideas are followed up, resulting in a new product for the customer. PTA took over the technical organization of the event and assisted with planning and moderation. PTA employees also help as mentors and provide support with design thinking methods.


PTA supports the client in providing development environments for the different ideas, the communication channels like Slack and Trello boards, but also data storage in repositories like GIT and TFS. In addition, PTA designed posters, hoodies and handouts to match the event. At the event itself, the focus is on the support of the individual teams. They should be able to present their ideas as good as possible and demonstrate their solutions.

Technical description:

The greatest benefit of the event is that management recognizes what good ideas R&D employees have for either improving existing products or developing new complementary products without the necessity of an expensive pilot project. On the employee side, the appeal is clearly the increased collaboration across different line functions and the opportunity to engage in dialogue with senior management.