Short description:

Creating a help desk application in order to record and evaluate queries to the IT support team and to coordinate processing. Integration of escalation management and automatic ticket creation by monitoring tools. Gradual set-up of a knowledge base.


An existing Notes application is adapted 60% in accordance with the customer's wishes and large parts of it are redeveloped.

Technical description:

The queries are recorded at a central location and some of these are answered at this point (first level support). Situations that cannot be solved in an initial discussion are allocated to an agent from the support team. Completion of the order is monitored by the central office. The work of the central office and support team is supported by various functions. In addition to recording data relating to the problem and the ticket, a sophisticated time and escalation management system is implemented; this forms the basis for an accounting system. Other special features include ticket templates for recording the same query from multiple users (e.g. during application changeovers) and connecting a monitoring system for recording the processing of system errors. Furthermore, automatic reply emails and tracking of a user's own tickets are supported.