Short description:

Designing and developing systems for managing equipment, including the software and hardware. Integrating suppliers and logistical services into the system. Integrating a help desk system into these data sources.


There are interfaces to SAP master data and a complex management system for the customer hierarchy, based on a customized solution. The office staff has to support the field staff in installing company-related software and in supervising the laptops. It is necessary here to record logistics for the devices and the managing of the software and the installation protocols. The TNT has to be integrated into the processes for logistics. Installation protocols are printed out in order to manage the software, and are subsequently recorded in the system after processing.

Technical description:

The customer's objective is to leave existing processes unchanged. There is therefore an emphasis on the look and feel of the screens for the forms. Later, this aspect will make the process of transferring users from using printout to using the screens and maintaining the system significantly easier. Errors and problems that the field staff has with the devices and with operating the software are recorded in a connected help desk module, delegated, prioritized and processed. Evaluations give the management team an overview of the current status of the hotline at any time. The results of the evaluations are archived historically and statistical assessments can be used for trend analyses or as the basis for making decisions.