Short description:

Technical support and customer hotline for a laboratory information system (LIS) implemented in external customer laboratories throughout Germany.


Customer inquiries (requests for help and reported errors) are received and documented using CRM Clarify 11.5. Communication with other support levels and the development department is implemented via WebClarify. Remote maintenance work is carried out using PC-Anywhere 10.5/11, VNC derivatives or MS Remote Desktop. In-house databases for configuration and knowledge management are based on MS Access 2002 databases.

Technical description:

The central task is to analyze the sources of errors independently and rectify the cause as far as is possible given the support expertise available. If the problem cannot be fixed in this context because it is due to program functions, the error and the initial analysis are communicated to subsequent support levels or the development department. Tracking the implementation of these reported errors forms the basis for further communication with the customer. In addition to this, the other main task is customizing and implementing functional enhancements on the basis of customer requirements, within the possibilities offered by the application's scripting.