Short description:

The basic functions of a general information system for insurers is adapted to the customer's requirements. This includes the maintenance and optimization of existing applications and data stocks, as well as designing and implementing new functions.


ICIS (Insurance Company Information System) was developed on the basis of the relational database system Oracle RDBMS with the corresponding tools of the software manufacturer Oracle, in particular Oracle Forms and PL/SQL.

Technical description:

The Insurance Company Information System (ICIS) is a complete, cross-line of business portfolio management system for all composite lines of business. Different applications are used to map different business processes of an insurance company. They are used, for example, for the administration of policyholders and their insurance portfolios, for investment and for the management of claims and loss files, for Administration of field service partners and their provisioning, for tariff calculation, offer preparation, offer administration and conversion into contracts. Cf. in addition