Short description:

The identity platform developed with open source software is to be replaced by Azure's cloud-native solution 'Managed Identity'. The open-source software 'IdentityServer 4' used for SSO will no longer be maintained by the contributors and will thus become obsolete at the end of 2022. Therefore, PTA will take over the migration of all existing applications and develop an integrable solution for the customer's new applications.


The solution developed by PTA, in cooperation with internal employees of the customer, includes the development of a new type of SDK (Software Development Kit) for the front ends of the applications and the extension of the existing SDK for the APIs/back ends of the applications. In doing so, all logic necessary for the migration will be provided in the SDKs. The frontend SDK is provided in the form of an npm-package and includes the logic written in TypeScript as well as various Vuejs plugins. The backend SDK is provided as multiple nuget-packages. Furthermore, migration guides are written and provided to the customer's development teams to enable a correct and efficient migration. Furthermore, the necessary configurations in the Azure Portal were made for the individual applications.

Technical description:

Azure's own solution for managing identities within the cloud environment offers easier integration with Azure Active Directory user management and is therefore intended to replace IdentityServer 4, which will soon become obsolete. In particular, updates and patches for the latter should no longer be applied manually by developers. Due to the criticality of an Identity Platform and a functional SSO and the associated maintenance effort, the responsibility and maintenance effort is to be outsourced to Microsoft's own software solution.