Short description:

A grown SAP CRM landscape is replaced by the introduction of a cloud-based SAP Customer Experience solution. The existing systems (Sales & Marketing Cloud) are adapted to meet the changed needs of the specialist department. The expansion takes place through microservices and Lambda functions in the existing SAP context. A Kubernetes distribution ensures the cloud-compatible operation of the extensions.


The operation of the extensions takes place on the SAP cloud platform Kyma and integrates into the customer's existing IT architecture. Infrastructure components are mapped within the framework of web services. The containerised applications are configured for use under varying workloads. Changes are synchronised by a flux-controlled CI/CD pipeline. The implementation of a logging and monitoring mechanism via Grafana Loki and Helm Charts allows detailed monitoring of the cluster and the deployments. The establishment of a communication structure through team alerting allows the support team to act quickly and in a targeted manner.

Technical description:

The implementation includes all processes in the areas of customer data management, activity management, visit preparation and follow-up as well as forms management. With the help of the Marketing Cloud, the processes in the areas of campaign management, newsletter dispatch and lead management, including web form connection, are supported.