Short description:

The federal government has passed to the relief of the final consumers of natural gas and warmth of law, with which private persons and companies with small to middle consumption are supported with a cancellation of the costs in December 2022. The customer's bookings must be adjusted in this regard.


With the help of analysis tools, those consumption points are determined from the customer's systems (forecast tool, master data application and incoming document system) which the customer supplies with gas and which are to be relieved with the help of the EWSG. For this purpose, all installations with annual consumption of up to 1.5 million kWh are determined (forecast from September 2022) and the price for gas from December 2022. Bookings of discounts for December 2022 are stopped and new bookings of the credited amount are created. The total amount of subsidy to the federal government is determined and documented.

Technical description:

After determining the relevant installations in the customer portfolio with small and medium annual consumption, the prices set for December 2022 and the volume forecast in September 2022 are used to create postings against the customer's own and third-party company codes and post them to different SAP systems. The created postings will be included in the year-end billing for the end users. The posted data is stored in the central master data application and can be viewed by users and auditors. The entire procedure is documented and stored in a traceable manner. This is followed by user training and handover to the customer's internal IT department.