Short description:

Implementation of BiPRO services. The project involves creating an e-trading strategy for the insurance company and implementing it for the first products. For this purpose, 7 new products are implemented with automatic tariff setting and contract creation, and are linked to the inventory management system via the BiPRO services for quoting and contract creation.


In addition to these product-specific services, transfer services are also created for the document exchange with the broker and list services for providing master data. This means it is possible to link brokers to the insurance company via a standardized interface. Implementation of the BiPRO services is carried out via X4 and XSLT, the adaptations to the inventory management system in Oracle PL/SQL.

Technical description:

BiPRO e.V. is a neutral organization in the financial services sector which groups together insurance companies, sales and distribution partners and service providers in order to optimize business processes across company boundaries. Organizational and technical standards are developed jointly in projects. (Source: