Short description:

Recording of optimization potentials in the logistic processes by providing a reporting with regard to: Goods availability, truck utilization, transport costs, logistical conditions.


The frontend is based on Angular. The backend is based on openJDK with Java 8 and Spring Boot with Spring Security. The communication between frontend and backend is done via REST services and JSON. The frontend and the interfaces are secured using KeyCloak. A JSON-based H-Base database is used in the data storage layer. For quality assurance, automated tests take place on the frontend and backend, including the use of SonarQube. The PTA extends the customer team in the conception and development of new features as well as maintenance and support of the product.

Technical description:

Along the supply chain, the aim of the optimization requirements is to achieve maximum supply of goods with the lowest possible logistical effort. The focus is on fully utilizing the transports in order to reduce the necessary travel times and costs without endangering the availability of the goods. Our application provides the necessary raw and processed data from distributed systems (live and historical into the past), which serves as a basis for uncovering optimization potentials. In particular, information from the past is used to show the supply chain management which adjustments can be made.