Short description:

People in need of care submit their application for care allowance to their health insurance fund. For this purpose, many complex questions have to be entered into a form, which overwhelm the normal user without support. The digital advisor accompanies the applicant through the process, presents the questions in an understandable way and provides additional explanations if necessary. The interactive video counselling and the direct approach give the end user the feeling of a personal counselling session. Further personalisation through language and appearance is possible through the use of avatars. The digital video counselling assistant is a web application and is provided as a Software as a Service (SaaS) application on Microsoft Azure.


The guidance assistant is implemented as an Angular application with a .Net Core backend and allows the creation of customisable guidance processes. This project is an internal demo process for use in sales, which is used to demonstrate the performance and possible applications of the Digital Guidance Assistant to customers and interested parties.

Technical description:

The interactive digital video assistant is designed to help you identify and advise your customers in a personalised way at any time. It is also equipped with useful service functions that simplify the uploading of images, for example. Forwarding and routing to all channels is also possible interactively - from the hotline to the chatbot, for example for enquiries and appointment coordination.