Short description:

In order to improve the customer experience with the customer's brand, two use cases 'device registration (2-factor authentication)' and 'lead generation change PKV-GKV' are defined in coordination with the PTA, which are to be mapped with the help of the digital consultation assistant.


The counselling assistant NEXOVI is implemented as an Angular application with .Net Core backend and allows the creation of customisable counselling workflows. In the project, PTA takes over the management and consulting around the counselling assistant, supports the client in the conception of a script, is responsible for the implementation of the requirements, provides support during the test phase and is also available for support after the go live. The specially implemented tracking system enables the measurement of project-specific KPIs (dropout rates and locations, conversion rates, etc.) to measure the success and improve the solution.

Technical description:

The interactive digital video consultation assistant is designed so that the service provider or supplier can identify and advise his customers in a personalised way at any time. The assistant is also equipped with useful service functions that simplify, for example, the reading of meter readings and the uploading of pictures. Forwarding and routing to all channels - from the hotline to the chatbot - is also possible interactively, for example for enquiries and scheduling appointments.