Short description:

Interface (MS Excel - MS Access - Oracle) for data from the quotation process that is to be used subsequently in a central, operative system (costs database).


A prototype is created as the basis for discussions with the specialist department. In the course of the ongoing support, the application was converted from MS Access 2.0 to MS Access 97 and adjusted to new requirements (structural changes, Y2K adjustment, EURO changeover). The quotation data is available in the form of multiple Excel calculation sheets (work packages and power plant components). The task of the application is to import this data into a conversion program, to validate the data and to convert the structures to the target system (costs database). Before the data is transferred, a visual check of the data integrity takes place in a dialog (by means of check totals).

Technical description:

The quotation area works from a different perspective than the commercial area. The structures are oriented towards allocating (very detailed) individual task areas to different production sites. The costs database then records all the individual areas into less detailed cost items.