Short description:

The customer works with the Microsoft CRM system and also uses another system for marketing purposes (digital marketing platform). This DMP is provided with data that is recorded in the CRM system. For this purpose there is an interface that sends data from the CRM system to the marketing system at regular intervals.


The interface, a web job in the Azure cloud, exports data from the MS CRM system to the digital marketing platform once a day, which then processes the data for marketing purposes. There are two options, either to export all data or only the changed ones. The following data is unloaded as CSV data and transferred to the external server: Customers, contacts, offers, opportunities, orders, points of interest and other information relating to the technical components and the installation.

Technical description:

The CRM system contains various customer information that can be evaluated and used for marketing purposes, such as whether and how the customer wants to be contacted, which products he is interested in, whether an offer was made or an order placed, what sales opportunities have led to an order etc. All this information can be used by the digital marketing platform, e.g. for planning marketing campaigns.