Short description:

PTA supports the migration of interface functions from an on-premise Linux server to an AWS cloud-based infrastructure. The data transfer is between host systems and Oracle databases. Linux shell scripts and the SQLPlus and SQLLoader tools are used for processing. The migration is carried out while largely retaining the previous scripts and processes. The first step involves setting up the necessary infrastructure in the AWS Cloud and the transfer paths. Based on this, the shell scripts are transferred to the new environment and necessary changes are implemented.


The migration is necessary because onpremise servers will be decommissioned at the customer in the future. The previous direct data transfer from the host to the Linux via Connect:Direct is no longer possible in this form. IBM Sterling File Gateway is therefore used for data transfer between the host and the AWS Cloud. In the new infrastructure, there is also a strict separation between data storage and processing logic. Scheduling is done using UC4 to call the interface scripts, which are provided in an EC2 instance running Amazon Linux. The transfer files to be processed are stored in an S3 (simple service storage) bucket, which is connected to the EC2 instance via a mount.

Technical description:

The interfaces are used to transfer contract and commission data. The transfer takes place either as a complete dataset or as a delta delivery. In the case of delta deliveries, existing and new contract data is first compared. During interface processing, existing data is filtered out of the interface files. After successful processing, the status of the contract and commission data is adjusted.