A database system is developed which receives unprocessed commercial data, condenses it and calculates KPIs based on this; these are stored in order to be available across the company to external systems for request. The project involves the design, implementation and testing of the system to be created. The target system comprises a database in which up to 20 GB is imported daily in the form of csv files, and processed within two hours. The architecture is open both for expansion by new input and output interfaces as well as implementation of new key figures.


The target system runs on an Oracle 12c database under Linux. The input data is supplied in the form of csv files which are imported as external tables and processed with PL/SQL. The calculated KPIs are accessed via Oracle database links from the external systems. The project activities involve all tasks from the general concept through to the fine concept, requirement analysis and definition, implementation of all functions as well as planning and carrying out the module and integration tests, and providing support for the system and acceptance tests.


The target system serves as a central source system for quick access to condensed KPIs by external systems. The implemented KPIs are planned and achieved sales quantities, sales volumes and, resulting from this, commercial KPIs that are used for providing information to planning processes.