A group of companies in the food trade develops a new central merchandise management system. The PTA supports the customer in quality assurance for the system technical examination of the business processes and takes over the operative test management. In addition, the PTA supports one of the Scrum teams involved in optimizing the technical integration test to ensure correct data transfer to central interfaces.


The project is carried out agilely according to the Scrum method and the activities are thematically divided among eight Scrum teams. The PTA supports one of the Scrum teams, which is developing a central interface including data conversion, in the optimization and execution of the technical integration tests to check the delivery and acceptance of data to and from connected systems. For the end-to-end test of the business processes, cross-system and cross-team test scenarios are carried out. The PTA conducts a review of the existing test strategy and its implementation and optimizes it together with the customer's test management before the test is carried out. In addition, complex test scenarios for testing processes are developed in workshops together with representatives from all Scrum teams and documented and carried out in the SpiraTeam test tool. For the execution of the end-to-end test cases, the PTA takes over the operative test management.


The customer sets up a central merchandise management system, which is used by all affiliated wholesalers and retailers of the group of companies as well as the suppliers, and introduces this in several stages. For this purpose, on the one hand the merchandise management system itself is developed, on the other hand the existing business processes are revised and standardized across company boundaries. Furthermore, the existing system landscape will be adapted and extended in order to standardize the cooperation with the merchandise management system and to map the revised business processes.