Short description:

PTA supports the client in replacing the service center's existing telephone system with a new cloud omnichannel contact center. PTA's tasks include project management, test management, process documentation and general coordination tasks. Reason for the replacement is the switch from a classic ACD telephone system to a modern omnichannel solution.


The existing Avaya solution is replaced by new omnichannel standard software and a custom-developed agent front-end. This is done by an integration company. The implementation will take place in two phases - first the telephone functions followed by the mailing functions. A particular challenge is the design of the interfaces between the client's system landscape and the new solution. This is realized via VPN (e.g. Exchange, file imports) or via the middleware AnyPoint from MuleSoft (e.g. SAP backend). Calls take place via VOIP after Azure AD authentication. The PTA colleagues lead the IT-related changes and takes care of the coordination of the internal testers. Individual processes are documented in BPMN 2.0 according to the business requirements using the Camunda .modeler.

Technical description:

The omnichannel software is used to communicate with end customers via various channels - here e-mail and telephone. Preparations have been made for other channels such as chat. IVRs (Interactive Voice Responses) are set up for various service lines and routing rules are configured for call distribution to telephone agents. This enables specific customer calls to be answered (inbound) and company-wide campaigns to be carried out (outbound).