Short description:

For the Austrian energy market, there are adjustments regarding the notification of payments for electronic invoices. For this purpose, the BiPayment and BiRejection formats will be introduced.


Only one uniform format will be used to confirm (BiPayment) or reject (BiRejection) payments. The ebUtilities specify that other formats such as CREMUL may no longer be used. The new XML formats are introduced into the application code as schemas. The data to populate the new formats is obtained either from an external system or from the application's own database.

Technical description:

In the customer's incoming document entry system, electronic invoices are processed according to ebUtilities' specifications for the client Austria. The previous archiving of posted payments was converted from the REMADV exchange format used internally between SAP and the inbound system to the CREMUL format used externally, which was adapted from the German energy market. Since this format is no longer allowed, it will be replaced by BiPayment. In addition, the possibility of rejecting invoices using the BiRejection format will be created. For the users of the system, this will result in a list of rejection reasons from which they can choose and with which the electronic rejection will be carried out.