Short description:

The client introduces the HCM suite Workday, a cloud-based SaaS solution, which is the first software to be used in parallel and mandatorily at all domestic and foreign subsidiaries. Special technical challenges: Integration into heterogeneous German and international IT landscapes (several payroll systems (Exact, SAP, Nibelis, BMD, several independent IT organisations in the group, connection to business-critical legacy applications).


SAP is connected through the use of ShapeIn, a proprietary interface solution from Workday to SAP. The integration of Workday's unusual release cycle and model into the existing QA architecture is another challenge on the technical and content side.

Technical description:

The tasks of the technical management consist of coordinating the staff of the various implementation partners (IBM, ShapeIn, Workday) with the technical and business experts in the design and monitoring of the target architecture, especially with regard to basic integrations such as single sign on, MDM, connection of payroll vendors etc.