Short description:

The Legacy system of one of the world's largest insurers is gradually being replaced by new web applications in the cloud. This project includes a functional and technical analysis of the current state of the legacy system with regard to task management in order to be able to prepare the decommissioning conceptually. In parallel, evaluations are underway to determine how legacy data from various decentralized CRM systems can be migrated to a central data repository. The project is supported in the role of business and technical business analyst.


Due to the historically grown legacy system, the recording of the current status is complex and requires a thorough analytical approach. The project includes support for business and requirements analysis in an agile environment. Close functional and technical coordination with the teams of the new task management portal and the architecture takes place across teams in order to develop the best possible data migration strategy.

Technical description:

In addition to the function determination, which is possible via the UI, third-party systems, data interfaces and DB procedures are determined, which also create and change tasks in the legacy system. This inventory analysis is further used to match the functional scope of the new system developed in parallel with the aim of offering the agent the best possible functionalities in the cloud application. To evaluate the data basis for a possible migration, various DB queries for data analysis are created with the DB specialist and the results are statistically processed in the form of pie charts and bar charts.