Short description:

The project deals with the use in IT documentation. Due to the growing IT-landscape, a uniform and comprehensive documentation of the individual customer systems and their communication with one another as well as with external partners should take place. As part of the project, the customer's system landscape is analyzed and the required information is recorded in an online system. The focus and scope of the documentation are determined in consultation with those responsible on the customer side. The analysis of the current situation is based on existing partial documentation. Furthermore, existing processes are analyzed and visualized with the help of MS Visio. The activities to be carried out by the PTA relate to the sub-project management, consulting and quality assurance in the form of IT documentation.


Methodically, work is carried out every two weeks according to customer standards. The technological know-how relates to interface communication and specific energy trading systems. We work on and with the customer's systems. Technical aspects such as the architecture, the development manual, the infrastructure or existing interfaces, as well as technical aspects for users such as business rules, GUI or use cases are considered. Specifically, the following customer and external systems are documented by the PTA: customer relationship management, system for electronic long-term archiving, system for recording incoming documents, service for communication with market partners and a system for central master data management.

Technical description:

The documentation to be created serves the customer for quality assurance, the training of new employees and the fulfillment of compliance requirements for IT. The results are published on a platform available to employees. In the future, the resulting documentation will be used as a starting point and central storage location for further developments on the IT side.