As part of the migration of a telecommunications solution used throughout the company, a new central data storage system for exchanging information between IT and telecommunications systems is being set up. In addition, a large number of existing system interfaces between IT and TC systems are adapted or newly developed. A new intranet application is being created to support the required information collection by TC administrators.


The migration of the HiPath system to a current OpenScape system from Unify requires a large number of necessary IT adaptations as well as a comprehensive migration of previously managed information. In addition to automated data transfers, the data collection processes of the TC administrators are redesigned and supported by suitable IT tools based on ASP MVC. A dedicated directory system based on AD LDS will be set up as a data exchange platform between IT and telecommunications systems. All system interfaces to be adapted or newly developed are implemented on the basis of.NET technologies.


By a meaningful combination of IT and TC information and/or optimizations of technical processes a significant increase of the quality of enterprise-wide master data is achieved. In addition, medium-term cost reductions are expected in the area of system administration.