Short description:

Assistance in the maintenance, data separation and enhancement of custom software as well as existing office add-ins.


During the work in sprints, various requirements from a ticket system are implemented. This includes the implementation of new features of the individual software as well as the adaptation and provision of new functions in the ribbons of various office applications. Furthermore, obsolete data accesses are replaced and the data separation between test and production is advanced. For this purpose, application code and database tables are adapted accordingly. In parallel, unit tests are created and maintained. Another task is the automatic import of several files into the CMS. The migration of the custom software from .NET Framework 4.7.2 to .NET 6 is intended to make it fit for the future.

Technical description:

The customer's own software and the add-ins of the Office applications support the employees in daily operations in the creation of business documents and customer communication. Com components are used to implement cross-process communication.