Short description:

The MaKo-Service system is an in-house development at the customer's site, which performs the query of values from the MDM metering data system and enriches them. Furthermore, it takes over the preparation of the load profile data, energy quantities and meter reading data in the role of the metering point operator for the star-shaped dispatch in the market. In addition, the MaKo service is extended to include specialist processes.


At the customer's site, the data required for sending market messages (MSCONS) is stored in different systems. The MaKo service uses the data from the central master data application (information about market partners, metering points and meter reading dates) and uses this data to determine the measured values from the connected MDM metering data system. The measured values are provided as load profile data, energy quantities and meter reading data in the Edifact format MSCONS for onward transmission in the market for the customer's own Biztalk server. In addition, the data is forwarded to the internal energy information system. The customer holds the roles of metering point operator and supplier in the market, which is why it also sends the messages to itself in line with the market.

Technical description:

In the course of the additions, the following tasks are completed: cross-project control, conception of the necessary supplementary technical processes with regard to complaint, cancellation and fault processes, conception of the necessary technical processes for supplying the energy information system with the market-relevant and internal metering data. Furthermore: Implementation of the concept after approval by the specialist department in MaKo-Service, support of the productive implementation of the enhancements in MaKo-Service, workshops with the customer's internal IT department and the specialist departments concerned.