Short description:

The Manager Information System is a database-oriented application used to manage appointments and data of persons authorized to drive (more than 1,800!).


Examples of master data that are managed are training types, driver's license classes, regular continuing education, vehicle types, vehicle lines, driving operation events, assessment criteria, departments, qualifications, signal tower, etc. Users of the Manager Information System are primarily managers, depots, and driving schools (rail and bus). The implemented authorization concept has four forms: IT and administration, driving school, manager, and depot manager.

Technical description:

Lawmakers place special requirements on public transportation companies for the personnel, the driving operation, and the vehicles in order to ensure safe and smooth driving operation. In particular, the law requires personnel used in the driving operation to be well educated, regularly trained, and supervised (for example, in regard to medical condition, customer focus, and driving style). In particular, education, continuing training, and supervision are coordinated and archived.