Short description:

Introduction of the ABIT web-based standard software as a process and information-supporting system for a credit institute's accounts receivable management. In addition to the migration of data stocks from a host-based legacy system, the new solution has to be connected to the existing systems.


The accounts receivable management system is implemented on the basis of different technologies. The user view is designed as a browser-based solution. Data is stored decentrally in an Oracle database. The ABIT standard software communicates with the mainframe inventory systems with the help of a proprietary persistence layer. Nightly batch processing on the mainframe provides returns information from the accounts receivable management system to the central applications for further processing. Data to be migrated is made available, with the help of host modules, as text files for later transfer to the Oracle database. All the host modules are written in COBOL.

Technical description:

The need to improve the accounts receivable management process for non-performing credits of various types (current account, installment credit, mortgage loan), both functionally and economically, makes it necessary to replace the systems that were previously used for this task. The first stage involves introducing the ABIT browser-based standard software, which already offers several of the required basic functions. Added to this, the data from the legacy system is migrated to the new accounts receivable management system and it is connected to the bank's inventory systems. Important functional aspects include: the claim calculation for accounts receivable that have been canceled or written off; sales processing with sales data interface; integration into text processing; and the option of editing reminders. The implementation of further functions is planned in a second stage (see project: Managing canceled accounts II, project ID 733).