Short description:

In the course of market communication 2020, the technical devices (metering equipment) are installed in the metering points by the customer. The metering data is determined by means of remote reading. In case of missing data transmission, a participating market participant can report a disturbance, which will be processed.


According to the Market Communication 2020, the customer as metering point operator is responsible for the collection and distribution of metering data from metering devices. In the event of malfunctions of the load profile-metered devices, there is an interruption in the data dispatch. The recipients of the market messages can use the INSRPT format to send a fault message to the metering point operator, where it is processed. For the customer itself, an internal solution is developed that initiates the process for clarification in the event of disruptions. The custom software is developed using .Net code and SQL databases.

Technical description:

The project is divided into the following subtasks: The existing concepts are completed and the processes of the market communication for the master data application and the internal MaKo service, which organizes the market communication, are documented. Furthermore, the conceptual design of the disruption processes based on the market specification (INSRPT) is carried out in accordance with the internal customer processes. The project also involves working on the implementation of the necessary adjustments for the fault process. Other areas of responsibility are as follows: Interface implementation between master data application, MaKo service and measurement data system, support for tests and partial go-live, workshop with business users and training of users based on the system adjustments. After completion, a handover to the customer's internal IT department takes place.