Short description:

For the market communication 2020, process adaptations will take place, which result from master data changes or adaptation to the changing data. The customer as metering point operator assumes the central role in market communication on the electricity market.


The customer's own systems, in particular the internal master data application, the metering system and the energy data information system, are required and further adapted for mapping the processes of market communication in the energy market. In order to meet the constantly changing requirements of the German Association for Energy and Hydropower BDEW, continuous adaptations of the system are necessary. The individual software is developed with .Net code and SQL databases.

Technical description:

Process adjustments for Market Communication 2020 will take place in the following areas: Consideration of the continuously changing requirements for the market processes with regard to the exchange of master data and the specialist processes, implementation of the cancellation processes for meter readings and energy quantities modified in accordance with the market processes, expansion of the fault processes to include customer-specific monitoring, transfer of meter readings and energy quantities to the customer's own energy data information system, optimization of the processes and determination of the relevant data for market dispatch, and development of solutions for supplier changes and interim readings independently of the market processes. After completion, a handover to the customer's internal IT department takes place.