Short description:

For market communication 2020, further supplementary processes are pending which have not yet been implemented at the customer or have only been implemented in part. Here, the metering point operator, as the main person responsible for the metering data of the metering location and the market location, is at the centre of the communication between the market partners in the electricity market.


The customer's own systems (internal master data application, measurement value recording system, incoming document processing, energy data information system, interfaces between the applications and control system (MaKo-Service)) map the processes of market communication in the energy market. Adaptations are necessary to these systems in order to meet the changing requirements of the Federal Association for Energy and Hydropower BDEW. The customised software is developed with .Net code and SQL databases.

Technical description:

The supplementary processes of market communication include: The consideration of the continuously changing requirements for the market processes with regard to the master data exchange by means of UTILMD, the processing adaptation for requests of metered values for current future and past points in time and periods, the separation of the data delivery according to metering location and market location as well as the relevant market partners by mapping the purposes of use per OBIS key figure, the integration of the disturbance processes, the consideration of the customer processes independent of the market processes and the introduction of the market relevance for metering points in order to meet the different requirements of the market as opposed to the customer approach. This is followed by a handover after completion to the customer's internal IT.