Short description:

The project is a further development of an individual software for market conformity testing in the area of user administration, import and export configuration.


The role concept of the web application for the market conformity check will be revised so that user authorization can be managed via a central directory service. The login process for users is also to be optimized. In addition, the configuration scope of the aforementioned web application for the user will be expanded in the following areas: the configuration of import and reporting functions, the selection of individual imports to be started automatically as soon as a corresponding file is available in the import directory, and the configuration of the securities portfolio to be exported in order to be able to request the necessary comparison prices on a daily basis.

Technical description:

Connecting the web application to a directory service enables central user management. It provides a better overview of the usage or authorizations of the individual applications within the company. In addition, the login process for users is simplified. The extension of the configuration scope for imports, reports and export of inventory data increases the flexibility of the application for the user. For example, the market fairness check can be offered on an ad hoc basis for new capital management companies and new comparison rates can be requested using the configurable export. No programmatic effort is required.