Short description:

The project is a further development of a custom software for market fairness testing in the area of reporting and export configuration.


PDF reports are generated for performing the market conformity check. The data of these reports are sorted and marked according to certain rules, so that the user can immediately see whether the check was successful for all data. The rules can be customized for each individual report via the module/report configuration. Within the scope of the project, the following functionalities are added in the area of report configuration: the export of the configured data for a report or all active reports, the import of predefined rules per report and the storage of a data checklist for selected reports.

Technical description:

Export and import of used rules and filters per report allows flexible and fast revision of the report configuration. This is essential as the number of reports to be reviewed increases. The storage of selected data for certain reports offers the user the possibility to keep a closer eye on critical data.