Short description:

Parametric control for carrying out all sampling, analysis orders and retain samples that are needed for monitoring and to fulfill the legal conditions of the entire company.


Comprehensive evaluation, control and research systems on the basis of Oracle. The development of the dialog application covers the functional and data processing design and programming with Oracle tools. Data from measuring equipment is copied to the database as text strings via an SQL loader

Technical description:

Application for controlling and managing company-wide waste water samples: 1. Sampling (providing, transport, setting up stations). 2. Processing samples (registration, decanting/ mixing, preliminary processing, distributing, retaining, labeling). 3. Measuring (orders, setting up, converting) 4. Conveying (sample list, processing list, retainer list, measurement order) 5. Results (interfaces) 6. Target/actual comparison 7. Testing/ subsequent determination 8. Official monitoring 9. Evaluations/reports