Two existing contract writing systems for non-food items are merged to form one piece of standardized contract creation software. In this process, the sequences for creating the supplier order confirmations, contracts and national order confirmations are dynamized, optimized and enhanced. This is followed by coordinated implementation in the VBA area, including extensive developer and function tests.


In close cooperation with the client, technical requirements conceived by the customer are analyzed, implemented, tested and documented in topic-specific partial deliveries. In addition, new, up-to-date requirements and troubleshooting are included. The tasks are coordinated and implemented in the team. The contract software includes master data management and text module management in Excel dialogs with data imports and exports, data storage in an Access database and creation of contract documents. Complex VBA macros control the creation and distribution of supplier order confirmations, contracts, national order confirmations and quality characteristic documents. Targeted Word form control with Word macros supports the supplier's user entries. The system and process environment is specified by the customer.


The contract writing system supports the Purchasing department in the non-food area when creating contracts with suppliers. A difference is drawn here between free delivery contracts and contracts via intermediaries. Supplier order confirmations are generated in the system and distributed to suppliers. The documents completed by suppliers are imported, evaluated using purchase prices, and stored, and they form the basis for creating the contracts. An additional, integrated process is used to distribute completed supplier order confirmations and their annexes, by means of defined rules, to various target directories for the relevant company areas. Furthermore, quality characteristic documents are created from the order confirmations and annexes.