Short description:

Due to the merger of two companies in a plant construction company, a company code merger is carried out in an SAP ERP with data transfer via the LSMW tool (Legacy System Migration Workbench). The areas affected are accounting and controlling. The company code merger for the two company codes is carried out in the same SAP ERP system. PTA advises on the conversion, set-up and implementation within SAP FI/CO/PS.


The accounting data to be merged is analysed and a customising comparison is carried out in the two company codes with regard to the SAP FI/CO business processes that have been set up. The LSMW processes for data transfer are set up and the data is prepared. Before the actual merger, the two company codes are merged within a test system. After a successful test, the implementation takes place in the productive system. The cash management in the project system and the special G/L transactions (down payments) are given special consideration.

Technical description:

The data transfer is based on a company code merger. LSMW is used as a tool. The preparatory customising mainly concerns payment transactions (automatic payment run, electronic account statement) and the house banks (new cash pool contract).