Short description:

An existing single-page web application is migrated from a Cloud Foundry and OpenShift environment to a Kubernetes-only platform. PTA tasks include adapting configuration files for build and deployment processes to the new runtime environment.


After the target environment has been made available for the new Kubernetes runtime environment, the first step is to transfer the configmaps and secrets via an export from the previous cloud environments. The configmaps and secrets are in .YAML file format. After the import into Kubernetes, the next step is to customize the configuration and build scripts. The deployment scripts are integrated into Jenkins in new pipelines to be defined. Service monitoring of the application is ensured via Prometheus and Grafana. The output of the log information and the verification of the FCP cloud infrastructure can be viewed via the cloud monitoring software Dynatrace.

Technical description:

The application enables company-internal, employee-related searches. The database is the customer's Active Directory. The data of the employees is only displayed here. It is not possible to make changes here.