Short description:

Migration of a productive running legacy application for construction financing to SAP HANA incl. coexistence phase.


This project for the migration of a legacy application (host, PL/1, C) to SAP covers the various aspects on the part of the host system to be migrated. Batch programs and modules created in PL1 to play out the source data are adapted or extended according to the requirements, regular test runs are configured and executed, and cutover activities are planned.

Technical description:

In this legacy application running on the mainframe and to be migrated to SAP, business processes on the subject of construction financing, mortgage administration and redemption management are mapped. The legacy data migration is performed by batch programs and general-purpose modules, the latter covering the various subject areas in terms of content. Implementation of requirements, regular test runs and the planning of the cutover are carried out in close cooperation with the relevant SAP team.