Short description:

Implementation of database procedures for migrating settlements for primary insurers (= cedents) in a new assessment system. The cedent settlements are transferred to a new database system before the balance sheet migration in order to ensure that the balance sheet data basis is consistent. The legacy data is transferred to the new assessment system without changes.


Data is migrated from the legacy system to the new system in multiple stages. The core issues here are transferring the data to an Oracle database and transforming it with the help of database procedures, and making the data available for import to the new system. The database procedures are implemented in PL/SQL and created using PL/SQL Developer. As in the legacy system, a DB2 database is used for data storage in the new system.

Technical description:

In addition to other items, expected damaging events or claims payments play an important role for accounting in the reinsurance business. In general, these can only be estimated. The existing assessment system for determining these balance-sheet-relevant figures is to be replaced by a new assessment system. In order to ensure that the new assessment system is reliable, the legacy and new systems are to be operated in parallel before the planned replacement. One requirement for this parallel operation is to transfer the settlement of cedents (= primary insurers) from the legacy system to the new system, so that they can form the basis for estimating balance-sheet-relevant damages.