Short description:

For the reporting of the gas storage capacity, a global power plant operator uses Excel with VBA. In order to improve the application performance and user acceptance, the data storage is migrated to Snowflake and additional business logic is implemented.


The Excel VBA application is replaces by a Snowflake database on Azure. Data from different data sources are integrated in Snowflake as data warehouse using different services (Azure Function App, Azure Webjobs, Sharepoint API). The ETL tool Talend is used to start an Azure Batch Account, which is calling Python scripts. The Python scripts are running SQL statements to transform the data on Snowflake and also insert the transformed data back into Snowflake. The transformed data on Snowflake can be used for reporting on Power BI.

Technical description:

The customer used Excel for capacity management of gas storages. In the application, technical and business data from external systems are imported. The available capacity of the gas storage is calculated and used for capacity planning and trading.