Short description:

The customer replaces several different laboratory middleware solutions with one solution. Due to the different technical foundations of the various systems and the individual configuration of the individual installations, the migration is complex and requires a high level of specialist know-how.


The migration of the systems can only be partially supported by tools or scripts. The business functionality of the source and target of the migration is similar, but cannot be transferred 1:1 due to the different technical implementation. Basic data can be transferred, but complex processes must in principle be reconfigured. Crucial here is the know-how about laboratory workflows combined with the know-how about the different systems to perform the correct logical migration. The PTA staff supports the manufacturer's Service Engineers in the migration projects.

Technical description:

The customer wants to simplify its system landscape and replace at least three obsolete software systems with a new one. This involves replacing around 2500 installations at a wide range of customers (from small hospital laboratories to highly automated routine laboratories for medical laboratory tests). The migration is carried out by the account managers, specialized migration teams and a global team that provides support for complex projects. The PTA participates in the global team.