Short description:

The customer intends to further digitize the mainly database-based processes and in this context to continuously replace Lotus Notes. Microsoft SharePoint is identified as the target system. The PTA supports the analysis of the databases, selects a suitable migration tool and carries out the migration.


Microsoft SharePoint Online on Office 365 acts as the target system. Seascape for Notes from Swingsoftware is used as the migration tool. The databases to be migrated are identified and categorized in customer workshops. A distinction is made between simple document storage, form-based databases, team rooms and application-type databases. PTA defines the target design (structure of the provision of information using sites and document libraries) in SharePoint and focuses the solution on the consequent search and find of information. Support among other things Features like taxonomy-based metadata.

Technical description:

On the basis of a previous workshop using event storming methodology, an orientation towards the provision of sales-relevant information and files is defined. The sales-oriented user is able to find information and documents quickly. SharePoint Online supports users in using information mobile.