Short description:

As part of a changeover of the entire system environment of the individual software environment from Windows Server / SQL Server 2016 to the respective versions in 2022, all affected IT elements will be adapted to new technological requirements and made available on the new environments. This task affects around 130 databases, desktop applications (MS Access), interface and intranet applications as well as system components (each based on .NET 4.8 / .NET6). PTA is responsible for planning and implementing the necessary application adaptations. PTA's tasks also include organisational and technical coordination with other service providers involved.


In addition to the conversion of the production system, the entire development and test environment, including the Azure DevOps server and the quality management systems used, are also subject to customisation. The high number of system components and their interdependencies pose particular challenges. By consolidating the software components to a common quality standard, additional efficiency gains in IT maintenance are to be achieved.

Technical description:

To maintain a modern and secure IT infrastructure, the customer migrates to the latest versions of the server operating system used and the database systems based on Microsoft SQL Server. In addition to the necessary adjustments in the area of individual software development, the source code is consolidated in order to fulfil current quality and maintenance standards.