Short description:

Migration of an existing application system for materials management and PPS on Baan Triton 3.1 to a new version of Baan ERP. Reference processes are created with the help of the DEM (Dynamic Enterprise Modeler). This is followed by an analysis of the existing additional program modules in the Triton system, with the aim of replacing them with standard software, as well as designing (re-engineering) and implementing other additional program functions that are required (e.g. machine utilization scheduling, rough planning, manufacturing equipment, delivery, time recording via bar code). New business processes are implemented on the basis of the enhanced scope of Baan ERP functions. It became obvious during the course of the project that a 1:1 migration would not be possible. To ensure quality, the PTA test database (PTA-ID 1176) is used.

Technical description:

Triton is focused on production and materials management, whereas Baan ERP is also intended to support processes in quotation and order management and to include functions for operative controlling.